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Gameface is a Team of young men and women who are bound together by their love for sports. For years, they have been witnesses to how the games have been played. Their memories are full of the faces of the players who embody the ideals of competitive spirit and fair play. For years, these young men and women have witnessed how victory was rightfully achieved and how defeat was turned into gold mines of wisdom.

Gameface believes that sports is life when it brings out the last ounce of struggle, breathes in the seemingly last gasp of fighting air, and makes the final push against time itself. Gameface celebrates the players and teams who stand up after every fall and begin again after every failing. Gameface seeks the unheralded, playing in the unknown ground made holy by mute witnesses to private glory.

Gameface seeks to establish a portal and promote a sporting environment that will act as a beacon bringing light to those who play with heart and struggle with soul. Gameface believes that it can make the game of life a little more meaningful by adhering to the principle that sports edifies the human spirit only when the game is played with nobility and courage in the midst of all adversity. Gameface humbly commits itself and embraces the promotion of this principle as an end.

Gameface will change the face of the game.



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